• "Green Explosion Chili Starter," name says it all with its bright flavors and heat that burst while eating
  • Available in two varieties, regular and mild
  • Contents, 23 oz. jar with a packet of, "Green Explosion Chili Seasoning," included
  • Use the chili starter in a variety of ways from chili to meatloaf, a taco topping and on a pizza





Recipe Ideas:

Basic Chili:
-1 jar of “Green Explosion Chili Starter” w/ included seasoning packet
-2T of oil
-1-2 lbs. of meat (boneless skinless turkey breast, chicken or pork)
-water (about 1 cup)
*optional substitute dry white wine for some of the water
With the oil, brown the meat, next add included seasoning, then add contents of jar and enough water and or wine for desired thickness, finally simmer for as little as 30 minutes and enjoy



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